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  • Unified Network Management

    Smart Interaction

    Intelligent Control, Task-oriented, Rich Data Analysis

    Unified Management

    Unified Management for system elements and terminals, for broadband and narrowband trunking

    Convergence and Open

    Open interface for third-party development interface, support industry customization, support interconnection with other systems

    Flexible Deployment

    For small and medium size network, network elements share the same chassis, board and card integrate; For large scale network, deploy independently, guarantee performance

    Service Functions

    Topology Management

    Including Topo diagram and GIS display

    Device Management

    Graphic configuration interface, visualized rack view

    Operation Management

    Dispatch console and management console, execute the routine management for layers of users and groups

    Alarm Management

    Real-time alarm notification, Historical alarm statistics

    Performance Management

    Present graphically the statistics result

    Log Management

    Inquiring by the device, Export the result after one-button operation

    Account Management

    By permission and region

    Channel Control

    Available for DMR products, to control PBS channel, forced release channel and guarantee VIP

    Specialist Mode

    Prepare for emergency plan,  operate in batch

    Assets Management

    Status tracking and management for terminal assets

    Real-name System Management

    Bind the terminal and the user

    Write Frequency OTA

    Execute the operation in batch of writing frequency OTA to DMR terminal

    Northbound Interface

    Interconnection with the upper-tier network management