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  • Core Network eTC 10

    Highly Integrated

    Integrates the function of LTE’s MME (Mobility Management Entity), S-GW (Serving Gate Way), P-GW (Packet Data Network-Gate Way), HSS (Home Subscriber Server), PDS (PTT Dispatch Server) and DAS (Dispatch Agent Server).

    Shock Resistant

    Compact design, available to work in cramped place (for example in car), with IP54 water and dust proof.

    Abundant Services

    Aside from voice call and PTT services, it provides abundant multimedia services including video call, video transmission, location, SMS and broadcasting etc.


     Dimensions (H×W×D)

     19mm ×148.5mm ×183mm


     < 350 g

     Power Supply

     DC: 12V

     Power Consumption

     ≤ 30 W

     Maximum Number of Users


     Maximum Number of Groups


     Maximum Number of eNodeBs


     Maximum Number of Trunking Calls