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      • Shanghai TD-LTE Wireless Government Network

        China All Access has built the Fire Alarm System (FAS) for Shanghai fire departments, providing fire emergency services. As the operator of the system, China All Access has built an 800 M network to return fire sensor information on over 5,000 enterprises. This wireless network covers the whole city with more than 100 base stations. Requirements for video services are increasingly urgent for the fire prevention system, such as the video images of the fire alarm spot, rescue command at scene, and individual video system. The 800 M network is a narrowband communication system that cannot undertake high-speed video services. An upgrade of the wireless transmission network is urgently needed.

      • Xi'an Police 2+4 Urban Emergency Response Digital Trunking System

        With the economic and social development of Xi'an, a northwestern city of China, The emergency agency and police more often conduct coordinated efforts under unified command with other sectors across areas. This is not a case that the existing communication system can solve. A scientific and efficient communication and commanding system based on advanced technologies is needed to cope with emergencies, minimize the losses of life and property, and maintain social harmony and stability.

      • Qinhuangdao 2+4 Police Digital Trunking System

        Located close to Beijing and Tianjin, the city of Qinhuangdao across the northeast and North China economic zones and is in the center of the Bohai Economic zone . At the end of 2015, the city had a population of 3.0732 million over a land area of 7812.4 square kilometers. The police wireless communication private network is critical to command and dispatch of daily task, and plays an important role in major events, executing security tasks, maintaining stability, combating and preventing crimes, and carrying out rescue. It is an irreplaceable tool of the police sector.

      • LTE Wireless Communication Network of Zhengzhou Public Security

        In accordance with the Guidance on Strengthening the Construction of the Social Security Protection System released by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China and On Strengthening the Construction and Application of the Province's Technical Protection System released by Henan provincial government and based on the principle that Zhengzhou municipal government serves the people, Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau has been conducting overall planning, unifying standards, and constructing the video surveillance system for a safe city for three consecutive years since 2010, realizing full surveillance coverage of communities, roads within the Third Ring road of the city, street gardens and key departments, and part surveillance coverage of key places, city entrances, primary and middle schools, bus stations and lanes.