Dog Walking

Our dog walking service includes a 30-minute walk, giving your dog the exercise and fresh air they need to stay healthy and happy. We will ensure your pet has a fun and stimulating experience.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of your pet. We are committed to providing the best care and attention to your furry friend while on a walk.

  • Healthy exercise
  • Stimulating experience
  • Professional care 
  • Top end quality harness and leash can be provided for your pet at no extra cost


Pet Playtime

Our pet playtime service offers 30 minutes or more of play and interaction time for your pet, providing mental and physical stimulation to keep them engaged and entertained while you are away.

We understand some individuals may lack the time and not be able to keep them entertained and engaged. Our services are designed to provide the mental and physical stimulation your pet needs to promote good behaviour.

  • Interactive play
  • Mental stimulation
  • Engaging experience
  • Fun, Fun, Fun

Pet Sitting/Daycare

With our routine check ups, we will visit your home to feed, let out, and play with your pet, ensuring they are comfortable and content while you are away and best of all in their own HOME!

You can trust us to provide personalized care and attention to your pet, ensuring they are comfortable and content while you are away.

  • Comfortable environment 
  • Personalized care
  • Peace of mind 
  • Treated like family
  • Schedule tailored for each client
  • Discounts for multiple visits



Pawsitive Helper

Need a Hand? We are here to help!

  • Individuals who can not bath their pet or simply just do not want to do it
  • scheduled visits to let the customers dog out so they do not have to drive all the way home during work hours ever again
  • dog just rolled in poo and needs a bath right now
  • need a ride to the vet with my pet - with secured crate service
  • Professional partnerships are in place with other local businesses to make sure all your pet service needs are taken care of here


“Pawsitive Helpers has been a lifesaver for me and my dog. I can always count on them to give my dog the exercise and attention he needs when I can't be there. I highly recommend their services.”

Sarah Johnson